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Are you worried about the role of alcohol in your life? This simple test of 25 questions will help to determine whether you, or someone you know, needs to learn more about alcoholism.

These questions are a self-check test to help clarify the role of alcohol in your life.

This test is intended only for educational purposes and may not be considered a unequivocal diagnosis of alcoholism. Always seek specialist to receive professional advice.

The answer all questions with YES or NO 



1. Have you missed work because of drinking? 

2. Does drinking have a negative impact on your family life?

3. Do you drink because you are shy when in contact with other people?

4. Does drinking affect your reputation?

5. Have you ever felt regret after drinking?

6. Has drinking ever caused you financial problems?

7. Do you drink indoors in a small company?

8. Do you disregard your family’s wellbeing because of your drinking? 

9. Has drinking narrowed your ambitions?

10. Do you want to drink alcohol on specific times of day?

11. Do you want to drink on the day after?

12. Is it difficult to fall asleep because of drinking?

13. Has your efficiency declined since you drink alcohol?

14. Does drinking threaten your job or business?

15. Do you drink to escape from everyday troubles and problems?

16. Do you drink alone?

17. Have you ever completely blacked out?

18. Have you ever been treated for alcoholism?

19. Do your drink to raise your self-esteem?

20. Have you ever been hospitalised because of your drinking?

21. When you are sober, do you ever regret the things you have said or done while drunk?

22. Does a little amount of alcohol or medicine help your hangover the day after?

23. Have you sought help regarding alcohol use?

24. Do you feel uncomfortable if alcohol is not available?

25. Has any of your relatives ever had problems with alcohol?

Your results

Award yourself “0” points for each NO, “1” point for each YES. Points indicate the total YES responses. If the result is more than 2 points, you are under increased risk of alcoholism.

If the result is 0 - No urgent problems. Continue self-monitoring.

If the result is 2-8 - You are under a risk of developing alcoholism. Consult a specialist, who has experience in dealing with development of alcoholism.

If the results is greater than 8 - You require immediate professional assistance. You may have serious problems with alcoholism. You need to take immediate action and receive treatment.

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