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ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 18 different vitamins, more than 47 trace elements, ekdisteron, ekdison, inocosteron, intergristeron A and B, organic acids, ascorbic acid, carotenoids, tannins, essential oils, flavonoids, resins, inulin, stearin.

EFFECTS: Maral root is known in Siberian folk medicine as a plant that treats a man from fourteen illnesses and fills him with youth. Maral root has psycho stimulant and adaptogenic properties. Maral root contains biologically active substances that help to treat nervous system functional disorders, low capacity, mental fatigue and exhaustion, chronic alcoholism, impotence and blood pressure control. Maral root is used in medicine to fight exhaustion, loss of interest in life, headache, agitation, tearfulness. It is also used in case of low potency for men and to treat alcoholism. Clinical research show that maral root preparations stimulate the central nervous system, increases resistance to physical stress and reduces fatigue.

ORIGIN: Found in Southern Siberia and North Eastern Kazakhstan mountains and alpine meadows.


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 60% polysaccharide, terpenoids, proteins - amino acids, amides, fats - unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins B3, B5, C, and D, minerals – calcium, phosphorus, iron.

EFFECTS: Reishi mushroom in China is known as the immortality mushroom. It is a very rare fungus. In traditional Chinese medicine reishi is attributed to the highest category due to its efficiency and lack of side effects. In Japan and Chine reishi is used to cure practically any illness, but there is a specific method of dosage for each illness. The active ingredients of reishi extract contains active anti-tumor polysaccharides and terpenoids. Reishi are different from other medicinal mushrooms not just with that they contain active anti-tumor polysaccharides, but also the so called terpenoids which increases resistance to stress and prevent buildup of free radicals.

ORIGIN: Found only in Japan and China. Already 2000 years ago Oriental medicine placed reishi mushroom as number one among all medicinal plants. The secret of reishi mushrooms cultivation was found only in 1972 in Japan.


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS:silymarin, glycosides, isosylibin. It has been found that milk thistle contains more than a hundred healthy vitamins and trace elements.

EFFECTS: Milk thistle is a very valuable medicinal plant. It has been used for more than 2000 years as a medicinal remedy for various ailments, particularly liver, kidney and gall bladder problems. Mainly the milk thistle seeds are used. The seeds are one of the most powerful means against ageing and combating hepatitis. Silymarin is the most valuable of the active ingredients found in milk thistle.  Scientific experiments have demonstrated that the glycosides and silymarin, and isolylibin found in the plant strengthen the walls of liver cells and makes it resistant to viruses. The active substances of the milk thistle reduce the effects of alcohol on the liver, helps in the case of alcohol intoxication, promotes quick discharge of alcohol and its breakdown products from the liver, improves the liver defenses against infections and toxins.

ORIGIN: Milk Thistle is native to the Mediterranean area. Well-known all over the world. In nature can be found in the Mediterranean region, Caucasus and Wester Siberia. Was introduced to Latvia in 17th century.


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: flavonoids, tannins, bitters, triterpen acid, minerals, iron, molybdenum, selenium, essential oils - phenoli thymol, carvacrol, terpenoids.

EFFECTS: Wild thyme has marked alcohol suppression characteristics. Its components have antispasmodic, antibacterial and soothing effect. Wild thyme affects the tone of respiratory and digestive organs and strengthens the organism. Wild thyme foliage has insomnia-prevention properties. Likewise, wild thyme is recommended as a treatment from alcoholism.

ORIGIN:  Commonly found in Europe and Asia. Introduced in North America. Often found throughout Latvia.


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS:  essential oils, tannins, bitters, carotene, caffeine acid, oleanol acid, tannin, vitamin C and ascorbic acid and rosemary acid in large quantities.

EFFECTS:  Melissa is one of the rare plants with a clinically proven anti-stress effect and ability to improve mental capacities. Balm can increase the activity of different anti-oxidating ferments in the human body. The biologically active substances found in balm have diverse effect strengthening the nervous system, thus, reducing tension and the psycho-emotional need for drinking.

ORIGIN:  Balm is naturally found in Southern Europe and Mediterranean, but the healing effects of balm were known already to the ancient Greeks and Arabs.