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FACCEX® is recommendet:

 in case of heightened tendency to consume alcohol

 in case of enlarged and regular alcohol consumption

 in case of frequent hangovers

 after stopping of increased alcohol consumption

Conditions of use:

FACCEX is intendet to provide an intensive treatment.

Course lenght - 27 days

One sachet twice a day in the morning and in the evening after the meal.

In the morning: cover content of 1 sachet with 200 ml of boiling water.

In the evening: cover content of 1 sachet with 400 ml of boiling water.

Use as tea infusion, cover contents of sachet with boiling water and let it draw for 15 minutes. Take while warm, do not add sweeteners.

Do not exceed recommended daily intake!

Recommended daily intake: 14 g

•••Treatment may be repeated if necessary.

••• It is essential to have a healthy lifestyle and use varied and balanced food.

Usage restritions:

Product is not intendet for use by children and teenagers under 16 and pregnant women and women during lactation period, and in case of formula idiosyncrasy. Can impinge ability to drive and operate machinery. Special caution when using FACCEX required in case of liver and kidney function disorders.

••• We recommend reading this leaflet carefully before use and consult a doctor or pharmaceutist about its effect on the body.


Do not use after the Best Before date on the label! Do not use as a replacement for wholesome and balanced food. Keep out of the reach of children.

Keep in a dark and cool place, store at +15 C- +25C in the original package. 



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