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Food supplement FACCEX® is safe for your health, certified in accordance with EU legislation and registered with the Food and Veterinary Service of the Republic of Latvia with No. 10258

The production and the technological process is controlled by the Food and Veterinary Service.

Raw materials are purchased only from suppliers who can meet our highest quality requirements. All raw materials must meet certain specifications. This applies not only to ingredients, but also the packaging.

All ingredients are registered and purchased with unique batch numbers to ensure traceability throughout the production process.

Raw materials and finished products are subject to expiration date and quality compliance control.

Raw materials and finished products are stored in a room at appropriate temperature and humidity ratio, which is checked daily with verified hygrometers and documented in temperature and humidity monitoring log.

We monitor the quality of the product to meet the specifications. The finished product is subject to control analysis to verify the compliance of all activities. Each individual product batch undergoes inspection according to the specifications.

We apply food safety management system HACCP which is based on risk analysis and determining critical control points in production of food.

We ensure high and stable concentration of active ingredients in each package of the tea.

We have implemented internal control system allowing to control the quality of the raw materials, intermediate products, packaging materials and ready production. Bach documentation and the results of the process control are assessed under the control procedures. Only when all requirements are met, it is allowed to market the finished product.

To ensure full traceability of the finished product, a unique batch number is assigned.

Strict compliance with the laws and regulations on personnel hygiene requirements is observed.

All production equipment, tools and processes comply with the rigid rules which determined under the food safety management system HACCP for food supplements.

The equipment is cleaned after each production cycle. 

The effectiveness of all cleaning procedures is controlled and checked to fully exclude the possibility of product contamination. The cleaning process is documented in control lists.

All production personnel are trained to apply identical procedures regarding quality, hygiene and documentation. A standard is applied to ensure outstanding quality.