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The FACCEX® team, being aware of the seriousness of problems caused by alcohol in society, wanted to create a tool that would help people suffering from addiction to return to a wholesome life without causing a new addiction.

Faced with such a serious challenge, the  FACCEX® team turned to the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis and Professor Ivars Kalviņš, who previously participated in the creation of Mildronāts. 

All components of the FACCEX® formulation are selected with a specific target in mind. As a result, a unique specially designed plant blend - FACCEX® was created to help people fight alcohol addiction.

The product formula is made up of unique natural components, which, thanks to the correct combination of biologically active substances works smoothly, without creating a new addiction or dependence.

The only reliable way to reduce the damaging effects of alcohol on the human body is to limit its consumption, but, unfortunately, it is not always successful. That is why our goal is to help achieve that with the unique effect of FACCEX®.

This formulations is an effective aid to treatment designated by a physician for chronic alcoholism patients as well as those who which to control their craving for alcohol

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